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12 Days of Christmas Marketing

January is looming. Give the people what they want.

Everyone likes to think that after NYE all of the money has run out and all of the people are hibernating. Help your customers beat the blues.

1. Set menus for special prices

This kind of deal can run for the whole of December or January. Offering a set deal for a two or three course menu will get customers trying more menu items and allow the to plan nights out in advance.

2. Two-for-one

Do you ever manage to catch up with everyone you're supposed to over the festive season? Two-for-one deals encourage everyone to bring their mates along and get more people in the door.

3. Three courses

The festive period is all about food. Offer a set price for three courses as a holiday special and let your customers give in to the Christmas gluttony. You don't have to make it much of a discount for it to be appealing!

4. Four ways to market gift cards

Be prepared!

Make sure you have a display set up where your customers can't miss it. Maybe at the door or at the till. Include some Christmas themed packaging which you can't help but imagine sitting pretty under a tree.


Give some away as treats! Your table didn't have room for dessert? Give them a gift card allowing 25% off their pudding next time they visit. Showing the worth of a gift card can only encourage people to use them more.

Promo videos.

We're not talking anything fancy. Pick whoever has the newest smartphone on your team and film your chef plating up your Christmas special. Plaster it all over your social media platforms and website encouraging your customers to gift a gift card to get their old Dad or their best pal money off their roast.


Make sure you're tempting your gift-givers with buying higher dominations. Maybe they get a £20 gift card for themselves if they purchase a £100 one for someone else.

5. Five golden events

Do your best to come up with 5 special events for across December and January. This is a great time of the year to attract new customers, so try to cover all of your bases. Host a themed pub quiz, have a live band in one night, start a competition for best Christmas party photo or maybe extend your business hours for a few special days.

6. Six holiday meals

Treat your regulars! Offer a loyalty incentive. Have 5 meals with us over the festive period and get your 6th free.
Christmas table set with decorations

7. Charity event

Do your bit. This time of year gets people thinking about the less fortunate, and you should be too. Host a fundraiser, or partner with a charity giving a percentage of your earnings to them for a specific time period. You'll welcome new customers in the door and be doing something for your community.

8. The 8%

Did you know that 8% people choose to eat out on Christmas day? Not to mention the 1 in 10 that dine out on Christmas Eve! Having a Christmas themed menu is important, put your own spin on it, make it special and get ahead of your competitors. 

9. Decorating ideas.

  • Get your staff adding a bit of Christmas cheer to their uniform. 
  • A Christmas tree in the corner will make your customers feel right at home.
  • Add silver, gold, green or red accents to your tables. You'll end up all over social media.
  • If you have the budget, transform your dining room into a winter wonderland. Everyone loves an immersive experience!
  • Hang holly, mistletoe and wreaths; the scent alone will bring everyone a bit of joy.
  • Spruce up your takeaway containers, so the people at home are benefitting too.
  • Some snow spray on the windows will get the attention of passersby! 
  • Emphasise your shift managers or team leaders with an extra something..maybe a silly tie or santa hat...
  • Hang Christmas cards from customers and vendors where everyone can have a read if they fancy.

10. Book 10, get the 11th free

The bigger the better. Get those office parties and staff nights out in the door by using holiday incentives. Bear in mind that deposits with large groups are always a good idea- oust those no shows or cancellations wasting your time!

11. 11/11

Promote early! The 11th day of the 11th month appears to be the sweet spot. get your promotions out across all channels and reap the benefits.

12. Pastries by the dozen

Pies, pastries, baked goods of any sort are even more appealing on these frosty mornings and blustery evenings. Get an endearing giftbox/basket on the go and sell them by the dozen.
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