Why SuperTuffMenus?

Would you give your guests a chipped plate or cracked glass?

Hell No!!

For restaurants, pubs and food venues, menus can be a pain. Most paper menus only last a day and the next best thing… laminated… well, they look shabby within a few weeks – dog-eared and dirty, while literally coming apart at the seams.

And now with the COVID in the mix, hygiene is more than a priority, it’s essential for keeping your customers safe and happy while they’re in your care.

So what’s the solution to throwing away your menus after a few uses and wasting your precious resources and time?

It's time to ditch the dirty, dog-eared menus that are turning your customers off and tanking your profits

Enter our hero... SuperTuffMenus.

Wipeable, waterproof, tearproof, durable menus that will last a year (or more) - GUARANTEED.

Nina Fraser

Oak Tree Inn, Loch Lomond

“We have had menus in all sorts of materials before but they’ve never lasted. They frayed at the edges, bent, and looked old quickly. The type of menu SuperTuff makes…we didn’t know it existed”

… until, of course, the day she Googled.

When Nina Fraser of Oak Tree Inn, Loch Lomond was looking for menus that would last more than a few uses, she turned to trusty Google to find the toughest menus known to man… and lo and behold, SuperTuffMenus appeared as a result, like a shaft of light piercing through the dark clouds of the menu industry.

  • For four years now,

    Nina has used SuperTuffMenus...

  • “We can go through 500-600 covers a day so they get used and used and used, we’ve never had to throw a SuperTuffMenu away. That’s unheard of in hospitality.”

When you choose a SuperTuffMenu you're getting a menu that:

10x Longer

Lasts more than 10x longer than a laminated menu

20x Better

Looks 20x better than any paper or laminated menu

Cuts Costs

Can cut menu costs by as much as 70%

Saves Time & Resources

Saves you resources and valuable time (no more self-printing)

Hygienic & Safe

Is hygienic and safe for customers to use time and time again

Super Customer Experience

Provides a superior experience for your customer


Our menus ARE plastic but they’re not single-use throwaway plastic. These are like all those other plastic things you use time and again…specs, buttons, zips, your favourite mixing bowl or storage container. 

This is plastic that saves other resources… 100 SuperTuffMenus vs. Thousands of paper disposables.

The plastic we use is derived from fossil fuels but at the moment there is no viable alternative. One day we will make them out of a plastic that is made from a sustainable resource like seaweed or shellfish. As soon as it happens, we’ll do it.

And our menus are recyclable but to be sure we take back your old menus when you are replacing them with new SuperTuffMenus (*only UK customers for now). Send them back to us and we’ll make sure that they are recycled responsibly. No landfill and nothing into the ocean.


Since COVID there has been a lot of excitement about menus laminated in an antimicrobial film (film that actively kills microbial organisms AKA bacteria). That’s great. But COVID, colds and ‘flu aren’t bacteria, they're viruses - antimicrobial stuff doesn’t have any impact on them.

Antimicrobial is great at getting rid of the likes of Salmonella, Staph or Campylobacter but it doesn’t wash off the ketchup or the mayonnaise. It doesn’t wipe off the beer or the wine. If a menu is greasy or sticky, you have to wash it. Hot soapy water, sanitiser…hell, if you are careful, you can even put it through the dishwasher.

“No one wants to sit down with a dirty menu in front of them. No matter how good you are with menus you’re gonna get sticky fingers on them or spills on them, the main thing is that SuperTuffMenus are clean – people are more aware of hygiene nowadays.”

Ellie Furzman, (The White Lion, Wigan)

Classic or Lite

We have two grades of TuffMenus. The classic SuperTuffMenu is quite rigid and is heavy at 640gsm.

Case Study

It all started at the Yes Bar in Glasgow’s Drury Street. Jim, the owner at the time, came to us looking for a menu,  we sold him 40 SuperTuffMenus and didn’t see him again until he came back a year later looking for more. “Best menu ever, nothing’s ever lasted like that in my pub” 

What if you change your menus more than once a year?

You may think that it’s not worth investing in SuperTuff Menus if you change your menu more than once a year, but the ROI on a SuperTuff menu, along with our retroactive multi-order discount means you’re still saving money AND giving your customers a superior experience.

Our retroactive discount applies to all in-year multiple orders. Eg. If you change your menu more than once a year, each order costs less and less throughout the year to make it worth your while investing in SuperTuffMenus.

This is the SuperTuffMenus way

How do we make them?

Step 1:

Design - if you have it already great just send us your pdf.


Need help from us? Excellent send us your content: dishes, descriptions, prices, logo files, photos and/or images. Now we need a clue on what to do for you... send us a few things you have found on Pinterest!

Step 2:

We get to work and send you a proof. Check it carefully. We’ll make amends and send a final proof. Check it again and then hand it to a friend who’s good at these things and has NOT seen your earlier version…get them to check it. All good? Tell us to print.

Step 3:

We print, we wrap it in its protective coating, then we round the
corners or cut any other shapes you need. Then we ship it.

Step 4:

You get it.

Swoon with excitement.

Step 5:

Hand it to your customers who promptly cover it in ketchup, wine,
beer, and sneeze particles.

Step 6:

Wash and repeat from step 5


All our menus come with a 1-year guarantee. AKA Guaranteed not to go soggy or peel within a year.

We know we know how to make these properly. We have learnt the hard way over the past years.

We promise to replace any menu that comes apart or frays at the edges within a year of purchase.

Sadly we can’t guarantee against a bored 8-year-old with a  steak knife or an angry teenager with a lighter.   

“They last as long as they promise. We update our menus before we need to throw any away. We update once a year, sometimes more.” 

Nina Fraser, (Oak Tree Inn Balmaha)

So now it's over to you...

Do you stick with your status quo, and…

  • Continue to print paper menus day in, day out? 
  • Encapsulate your menus and watch them split and go yucky?
  • Buy mountains of paper menus and throw them out day after day?
  • Get more card laminated menus and watch the edges fray and go soggy as you clean them?

But still, you end up spending more on your menus in the long run and never provide your customers with the “extra touch” that could make all the difference to your bottom line.

You initial investment in our menus may cost a little more…. but ours last more than 10x longer than any you’ve tried before!

But, let me ask you this… is it really about the cost? You can save money but isn’t it even better that you save your reputation?

We are here to make menus that look good… day after day. Even after they’ve been handled by hundreds of customers.

What is it worth NOT to hand a customer a grubby menu? If you look at it like that. SuperTuffMenus are fantastic value.