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11" x  17"  - Tabloid or Ledger Menus
11" x  17"  - Tabloid or Ledger Menus

11" x 17" - Tabloid or Ledger Menus

$11.00 ex VAT $13.20 inc VAT

"Please upload your PDF art here if you are supplying your own artwork" (PDF with crops and bleed only please..we’ll send an email link after checkout if you forget)"

Product Description

The big one. Get all your menu items on here... and more. If there's more...are you sure? Main meals, Sharing platters, Nibbles, Desserts, Cocktails and Beer, Starters, Appetizers, Entrees,  Salads....anything else?

Flat menus printed in color both sides or just one side. 

11" x 17" or 28cm x 43cm

Approx 235lbs Cover ( or 640gsm)   SuperTuffMenu washable material

See for yourself

All prices include full colour (CMYK), double sided print as standard. Single sided or single colours have not impact on the costs as it is the special materials and processes we use that drive costs. 

Materials are PVC based. All SuperTuffMenus® are approximatley 640gsm or 235lbs cover and are 700mic thick

Need help with getting your art into a printable PDF?  

2 sides of whatever sized menu you need.

We need you to supply the menu text and prices, typed up in electronic format (a Word or Google Doc is fine), and anything else you want on your menu?  Allergen information?  Special offers?  Service charge information?

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Need more than we have here? Are you sure? Really? 

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