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This is really important. Actually it's critical.

It's as important as the dishes that come out of your kitchen and the drinks that pass over your bar.

Your cooking and cocktail making can be fantastic, but if your menu isn't right, you aren't going to sell it.

If you've already got menu artwork that you are happy with, great, we can work with it. We just need a good PDF

If you need the work done for you we'd be delighted to help, check out our prices here. The artwork will be yours, we work with up to date Adobe products and will give you all the files you need to take elsewhere if you like.Our hospitality experience and our curiosity drove us to understand the dos and don'ts of menu design.

There is both science and art in the visual presentation of a menu.

We've been lucky enough to have worked with a man who has a 37 year career in getting this right for some of the biggest brands in the world; Gregg Rapp, The Menu Engineer

Gregg Rapp specialises in building powerful menus that positively impact guests’ experience and drive their desire to return.

Behavioural economics is what its all about. Words, price points and positioning shouldn't be left to the whim of a graphic designer who happens to be your Mothers gardeners cousins best friend!

Retailers have embraced this, the hospitality world still has a bit to do to catch up.