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Various sizes of Menu: A3, A4 and A5
What is the average size of a restaurant menu?

When you're asked that question, are...

packets of premium paper stack on a shelf
What is the best paper for restaurant menus?

Thin paper, glossy paper, laminated or card. A few words  about what type of paper...

Menus in a bin or menus in a washer
Disposable menus v Washable menus

We discuss the pros and cons of disposable menus verses washable menus

What Menus Should I Be Using To Deal With COVID-19?
What Menus Should I Be Using To Deal With COVID-19?

Which are the best menus to use during a pandemic? We take...

Keep Calm and Carry On Poster with Calm crossed our and replaced by a handwritten Clean. Red background white and black text
Keep Clean and Carry On…Solidarity with Hospitality

NRB20 Manchester Exhibition going ahead as planned. Solidarity with Hospitality. Exhibiting menus that you...

Bespoke Menus...Elena's Spanish Bar & Restaurant
Bespoke Menus...Elena's Spanish Bar & Restaurant

Elena's Fan Shaped Menus and Bottle Shaped Drinks lists

A row of tables inside a restaurant, all set for dinner service
Making your Menu Magic

Your menu is the only piece of marketing that goes through the hands...

Chalkboard menu outside the window of a bakery
Which menu style is right for your business?

Menu design matters, but so does menu format! Have you thought about what suits...

Red ribbon with white Christmas themed stars on a navy backdrop
12 Days of Christmas Marketing

Everyone likes to think that after NYE all of the...

Headphones against a sparkly background
What you, and your business, should be listening to.

The restauranteurs, hoteliers, managers and innovators leading the way.

People making a mess with a pizza in a restaurant
Pizza! Pasta! At a show!

...and you best believe we're going.

Customer reading a well designed menu
Reading your customers.

You might never have considered the psychology behind the choices your clientele make,...