Who are we?

We are Love & Humphries, we are the printers behind SuperTuffMenus.

We’ve been printing as a team for more than 20 years.

We like to do stuff right.

We are proud of what we do.

We have a product that is unique and we want to share it with the world.

We do this because we want to make a difference. A small but
noticeable difference.

Yes, we really love our food and we have become a wee bit geeky about menus too.

Why are we doing this?

Well, as far as we could see nobody was trying to solve the problem of the sticky greasy menu.

Yes, there are options out there but none quite like this. None actually trying to reduce the number of menus being sold.

Selling you more menus than you really need is admitting the product isn’t very good. Isn’t it? We don’t do that because our menus are super tuff!

“When I found SuperTuff Menus it was a revelation. I thought… That’s it! That’s exactly what I’m looking for!... As long as Phil’s around I ain’t going back (to my old menus)”

Remo Crolla, (Little Italy, Glasgow)

  • Philip Wilson

    The Inventor

    Food lover and ideas man

  • Marc Wilson

    Design and Repro Whizz

    Weaves magic on the computer to make menus look good

  • Lucy Hutchinson

    Makes it all happen

    Keeps us and you in line and on time

  • George McKay

    Ideas, Drawing and Talking

    Ideas with paper and pencil. And talks a fine story too.

  • George Robertson

    Making Menus

    Makes the machines sing and dance

  • Martin Mclean

    Making More Menus

    Keeps the machines singing and dancing

The back story...

Many moons ago, in a galaxy far far away, Philip Wilson, the inventor, went to university to do a degree in Hotel & Catering Management. Funnily enough, studying menus was part of that.

For a number of years after graduating Philip worked in various hospitality roles and establishments.

He once threatened to start his own eatery but the right thing never came along. And then one day he left and became a printer.

As his business grew he invested in a fandangled-specialised-printer and whilst pondering how to get it to work harder and do more for the business, Philip thought that it might just create a good menu.

A menu you could wash… now there’s a thing!

It didn’t look like anyone else was doing this, certainly not on the English speaking Internet. Yes there were menus, but not menus like these.

So in late 2015 we started selling menus that were super tough.

They were more a little more expensive than a regular menu… but they far exceeded the quality and the restaurateurs came back for more. Not quickly (because SuperTuffMenus are that good), but they did come back and they wanted the same thing again, and again, and again.

We were on to something. SuperTuffMenus were born!

Ready to transform you business with SuperTuffMenus?