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Menus are a pain.  Most look shabby within a few weeks. With years of experience working in the food industry, then printing menus, we knew it better than most.  

Tired of complaints from restaurants that menus looked worn out in no time. We realised there was a need for something that lasted. 

Enter SuperTuffMenus.  

Barts wanted help with their menu waste. They were getting  through 500 every 6 to 8 weeks.   We gave them 50 SuperTuffMenus that lasted them for a year. Menu costs fell 70%

Why are they a game changer?  SuperTuffMenus allow you to set out your stall in the best possible way. Clean and looking the part. No more grubby tatty sticky greasy menus. You can wash them. They last. Saves money, saves hassle. 

The Yes Bar needed a new menu to sell pizza, sick of forking out for replacements every few months. We sold them 40 SuperTuffMenus . A year later they were still looking good as new

Since selling our first menus in December 2015 from our factory on Scotland’s River Clyde we have helped hundreds of restaurants, bars and hotels with thousands of menus. Like the ships that were built on the Clyde that went out across the globe, we believe our menus can make it everywhere.  

The Vine bought 150 SuperTuffMenus. After two years the restaurant wanted to update prices.  The menus were so durable they only needed to buy 100 this time. 

Who are we? We are printers with a passion for food. And an obsession about menus. 


See for yourself what we can do with a sample.