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Making your Menu Magic

Some serious design inspiration.

Your menu is the only piece of marketing that goes through the hands of everyone that walks in the door. It needs to count! 

Here are some amazing menu styles we came across that we wanted to share.

Diagram Design

Revolution Diner Menu

his menu for Revolution Diner was created by Diagram Design.

Going with a theme is always going to be a winner!

This diner style allows so much fun typography and playful illustrations. 

The design is beautifully segmented and the prices are neatly tucked in beside the items.

See more of what they can do here.

Amber Asay

Baldoria Menu with coloured drinks menu insert


Created by Amber Asay for Baldoria, this menu is a dream for minimalists.

The layout of the type itself shows personality and style. The prices are seamlessly included, the sections are clear.

However, the best part of this menu design is the burst of colour on the insert. This is a separate drinks list highlighting Baldorias speciality beers. Having a separate drinks menu is great for keeping your lists decluttered and making life easy for your customer.

Amber's work can be found here.


Foreign Policy

Pelican seafood bar and grill menu


This identity for The Pelican was created by Foreign Policy.

The restaurant and bar itself turns from fine dining to lively bar during the evening so the designers decided to use illustrations blurring the real and imaginary which are very playful. Serving seafood, the detailed maps welcome the sailors home from sea for a great meal.

The colour of the type and the fine illustrations make this menu a bit luxurious while being youthful and bright.

Not only is this menu perfectly engineered, but it really emulates the feel of the restaurant. We've included it as inspiration for just that reason.

To see how the menu matches the interiors, check out Foreign Policy's work here.

Núria Vila

L'Encant fan shaped bespoke menu

This one is maybe a little selfish because we would LOVE to make something like this in SuperTuff.

This menu design by Nùria Vila for L'Encant is a beautiful mix of Catalan and Japanese culture.

Did you notice the apostrophe is actually a chopstick? 

The fan pays homage to both origins, and the vertical typesetting is very Japanese.

Creating a bespoke shape is a great way to draw attention to your restaurant, and we think Nùria Vila is a superstar. 

Have a look at more of her inspiring work here.

We know a thing or two about designing and engineering a menu, find out more below!

Menu Engineering

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