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Our Global Giving Partnership With B1G1

Our Global Giving Partnership With B1G1

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Buy One, Give One... what does that mean? Read on to find out more...

We're part of the Buy1Give1 network which is a global community of like minded business owners who are working together to give back to various projects around the world.
Through B1G1, we celebrate our milestones and achievements by giving back to worthy projects - whether that’s providing library books for schools in Cambodia, nourishing kids in Africa or providing safe, clean drinking water for families in Malawi, we are helping to make a difference and by simply working with us, you are too!
Each time we complete a brilliant job, get a Google or Facebook Review, have responses to our quarterly survey (good or bad), and even when our social media followers grow we make a donation.
By being a part of B1G1 it means that our donations will have a greater impact on these projects and we can watch them mount up together! If you’d like to know more about B1G1 visit their website here.

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