SuperTuffMenu bending workaround!

SuperTuffMenu bending workaround!

Our innovative material is waterproof and super durable. Because of it's strong durability, it's not designed for folding - but we've had various clever solutions for alternative display styles.

SuperTuffMenu Leaflet dispenser
This nifty little pouch is ideal as a POS display. 
The design is printed all on one sheet, then folds in on itself and clips into place to hold its shape. 

The advantage of using SuperTuff materials for this, is that one display can do the job of 50. For example, we've previously printed these for Blue Lagoon (infamous Scottish chip shop brand). We all know in a chip shop there's salt, vinegar, food, drink and all sorts to be wary of - any of these spilling onto or making contact with your point of sale materials could ruin them (or at least make them grubby!). With SuperTuff, the little notice boards can simply be given a quick soapy scrub and put back out as good as new! 
Folded SuperTuffMenus 1 year on
The tri-fold is the other style we want to highlight today. 
It's your classic table talker shape, and work by sliding two tabs through cut-out slots to hold the shape in place. 

We like to showcase our work with SmileCafé for this one, as not only has it been effective - but it's also been used for over a year and still looks new!

Interested in SuperTuffMenus® but unsure your needs can be met? Get in touch with us and we can discuss solutions to any of your print jobs or recommend an alternative printing brand that can help. 
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