Tricks of the Restaurant Trade

Tricks of the Restaurant Trade

Glasgow appears on Channel 4's hospitality helper, and SuperTuffMenus® make a cheeky cameo amongst the Menu Engineering segment at Red Onion!

All photos taken from Channel 4's 'Tips of The Restaurant Trade' ® - available now on 4 OnDemand
Our mission for better menus is rooted in our waterproof, durable material to ensure high quality menus lasting the test of time. However, we're also committed to helping the content of the menus - after all, quality deserves quality. 

Last night, Channel 4 aired episode 6 of 'Tricks of the Restaurant Trade' and we saw Gregg Rapp visit Red Onion in Glasgow's City Centre for a Menu Engineering makeover.

Those with Channel 4 on demand can watch the show again here:
Following a consultation with the Menu Engineering Guru himself, John followed Gregg's recommended to split the menu into easily readable columns and highlight key items with a faded colour box. John picked his Monkfish dish to showcase due to it's 'Wow' factor. Greg explained the tendency for our eyes to be drawn to the upper right section of the menu, describing this area as 'prime real estate' on a menu. 

From our previous discussions, it's worth nothing the importance of item ordering, by highlighting the Monkfish we would suggest that the second place item (the Seabass) will also get a lot of attention.

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Analyse your work

Theory is great, but results are better! The team used special glasses to track the eye movements of customers, displaying the results in a heat sensor map. The red areas are the hot spots where the customer spends more time. From the photo above, we can see it's been a huge success for the Monkfish highlight, and as suggested the Seabass has certainly benefited from it's positioning. 

Aside from the coloured box background for highlighting, we rounded up some other ideas in our Vegan/Veggie item promotion tips. Click here to have a read.

Crunch time - what are the numbers saying?

The menu looks good, the customers are paying attention - but are they ordering?

We were given an impressive figure from the show to back up the benefits of Menu Engineering. It turns out that the redesign has led to over a 50% increase in sales of the Monkfish dish! Overall profits had also increased by over 10% in general. Gregg Rapp described his happiness over the results as akin to a proud parent, another success for clever designing!

Convey quality through the material

Of course, the further thought we have comes down to the printing process. 

We're delighted to say that SuperTuffMenus® supplied these menus.  Red Onion are able to print clean, pristine menus that look brand new upon each use. Even after a year, the menus won't look tired, they'll keep their shape and customers will experience the same quality POS item. Your menu carries many impressions of your food, the aesthetics, price and descriptions being obvious factors, but the actual quality of the printer being a more subliminally important factor. 

Think about it, if you get handed a menu with stains on it - carelessness, untidiness.
If you get handed a menu with rips on it - poor quality, lack of value placed on the customer. 
If you get handed a sticky menu - ew... maybe this isn't the most hygienic of places.

That's why you need to ensure quality, time after time. You don't need to order 1000 menus, constantly throwing away the used ones. With SuperTuffMenus® you can swap 1000 basic menus for 50 reusable premium menus and save on your costs and presentation for the long term!
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