We Need To Talk About Your Menu

We Need To Talk About Your Menu

How many of these menu 'sins' are you guilty of?

Does any of this sound familiar?

We've seen it all from menus held together with sellotape to something so stained you could barely read the starters (we didn't stay to eat after that.)

Have you considered that your menu is the only piece of marketing that goes through every single customers hands? This is not something you want to scrimp on and definitely something you want to look and feel good for every customer!
SuperTuffMenu under plates and crockery
SuperTuffMenus, the washable, wipeable menu!
Introducing SuperTuffMenus® - The menu you can wash, wipe and even put through your glasswasher so your menu looks great every time! We'll save you money, we'll save your reputation too! 

These menus can be washed every day in warm soapy water and they come out looked great each time. We have customers who have been using the same menus for over a year and they still look as good as new! 

Money Saving 
You need far less SuperTuffMenus® than traditional paper menus. We recommend that you order just less than your table covers, because let's be honest, it's not every day all your covers walk-in at the same time is it?! We'll save you money in the long run! Just think about how many paper menus you burn through each year... as soon as they're stained or ripped they should go in the bin, but do they? It's all about your reputation isn't it, and what does a sticky, stained menu say about your establishment?

Easy Clean 
You can wash our menus in warm soapy water, you can wipe them with sanitiser too.  We even have customers who even put them through their glasswasher on a 2 min cycle and they come out looking sparkling clean.  These are the most hygienic, durable menus around and they're stylish. 

No Compromise On Style
With SuperTuffMenus® you can print in full colour, we can die-cut into a shape or add tabs and we can add shiny foils to your design too. You don't need to compromise on style to use SuperTuffMenus. 

Free Sample
If all this sounds great but you'd like to give it a try before you commit then head over to the free sample form and pop your address details n. We'll get a sample pack sent out to you in the post! 
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