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Are they hygienic?

Possibly the most hygienic, hand-held, multi-use menu in the world! As long as YOU wash them they will be clean. Sanitiser, detergent, alcohol can all be used on our menus to keep them clean. 

Are they foldable? 

In a word, no. The only time we fold them is when we make the table talkers (coming soon - see them on Instagram) If we try to make a 4 page or 6 page fold they don't ever lie flat again and it is just not very nice so we don't do it.  If you have a menu that really has to be more than 1 double sided sheet we have a couple of unusual solutions... have a look here.

Are they heatproof?

More than your hand but not invincible. SuperTuffMenus® can certainly withstand a hot plate but not a sizzling skillet. And if your hot plates have marked things in the past we recommend doing a test on a sample.

Can I write and wipe them?

Be careful! Some pens and pencils do wipe off clean but not all! Do a test first. If you use a permanent marker you may be able to get that off with nail polish remover... No guarantees on this!

Are they washable?

Oh yes... very much so. Hot soapy water every day is best. We even have customers that put them through their glass wash machine. BUT! Be careful and test one first if you are putting it in a machine.

Are they weatherproof?

Rain? Yes.  Snow? Yes.  Ice?  within reason.  Sun? They will fade in time and since we have done most or our testing in Scotland prolonged daily sun is not often about. They will certainly last longer than a paper or card menu!

Can you sanitise them?

Of course! Very much so. We have SuperTuffMenus working in hospitals being cleaned with sanitiser several times a day.  If it's OK to put your bare hands in the sanitiser then it'll be OK for SuperTuffMenus

Do they stain?

We ll that depends on what you are staining them with... most edible foods are OK and will wipe off without staining BUT do not leave them sitting in coloured liquids for extended periods of time. We have seen stains from Tandoori sauce and Coffee when menus have been left sitting. Look after them and they will be fine.

How quickly can I get them?

If your artwork is good to go and you need up to 150 then we can be ready to ship within 5-7 working days. Shipping times vary upon where you are in the world.

Can I return them if I don't like them?

You can return them but we cannot give a credit or a refund since they will be bespoke to your operation. If in doubt get a sample before you your full amount.

Where do you ship to?

Anywhere UPS can go? 

Where are you?

Scotland the land of Whisky, Golf, Kilts, Haggis, Midges, and bright ideas.

Who are you?

A small business of five. Paying mortgages and bills. Philip, George, Marc, Martin and Lucy.

Why are you doing this?

We had an idea, we wanted to solve a problem and do good business with people everywhere.

Can I get a bespoke shapes?

Very much so. Cut outs, special shapes the only thing we try to avoid is sharp corners.

Can I get more than you offer on this site?

Yes of course. Just get in touch with a bespoke quote request. But we'll always suggest less than you think.