It's time to optimise your menu for more profits

While you want your menu to be a work of art, it’s good to have science behind it too. As part of behavioural psychology, it's all about getting inside the head of the buyer. Understanding buyer behaviour. Big restaurant chains, retailers and online stores really work hard at this and so you should not ignore it.

There’s both a science and an art to the visual presentation of a menu, which also takes into consideration “buyer psychology”.

We've been lucky enough to have worked with a man who had a 37 year career in getting this right for some of the biggest brands in the world, generating over $40B (yes, that’s billion!) last year alone for the industry; Gregg Rapp, The Menu Engineer.

Gregg’s method, which we deploy in our menu engineering service, specialises in creating a powerful menu that positively impacts guests’ experience, increases total order value and drives their desire to return, making it one of the best investments in your business.

Menu Engineering

This option consists of two 60-minute consultancy session where we discover the goldmine hiding in your range of dishes. Using a Boston Matrix we identify your Cash Cows, Stars, Dogs and Question Marks to perfectly position each menu option to capitalise on buyer psychology. You’ll be amazed at the difference this makes to your daily orders!

If you’re not sure of the service you need, or want several designs for different menus (we can offer bundled discounts), then get in touch with us for a quote.