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Tea being poured into a cup

SuperTuffMenus - these are not like conventional laminated menus, these come with guarantees!

  • We guarantee that these will stand up to beer, wine, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, ketchup, mayo... even blood, sweat and tears.

  • We guarantee they won't go soggy. 

  • We guarantee the print won’t wear away when you're cleaning them.

  • We guarantee you'll need less than you think. Probably no more than your number of covers, if that!

  • We guarantee they'll last at least x10 longer than your current laminated menus.


  • As yet...they cannot clean themselves! 

  • We can't guarantee them against vandalism -steak knives, sizzling platters/smoking skillets, open flames, bleach, the hot lights of the pass or bored 8-year-olds... 
  • And don't leave them sitting in dirty water or coloured liquids - they can stain if left for long periods.... 

    Get a sample here and see for yourself.