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What are SuperTuffMenus?

kettle and cutlery sitting on waterproof menu


No more grubby, tatty, sticky, greasy menus.

Tuff menus for tough use

Last at least x10 longer than laminate card menus.

Order less, use them for longer.

  • Guaranteed not to go soggy (they do not absorb liquids)
  • Guaranteed not to peel at the edges (no nasty clear border that comes apart)
  • Washable - hot soapy water every day - even spray with sanitiser after every use
  • Wipeable - actually even scrubbable - (the print is undercover of our tuff wrapping so the ink cannot peel or wear off)
  • Waterproof - outdoor use too.

Silk matt finish - (we don’t do gloss as is just scratches and looks shoddy)

Rounded corners as standard (we have to otherwise they could take an eye out!)

Bespoke Shapes available, maximum size, for now, is 43cm x 30cm

Minimum order - 1

Maximum order? You don’t need more that you have covers….

Here's a video of them

Get a sample here and see for yourself.