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What are SuperTuffMenus?

kettle and cutlery sitting on waterproof menu

 Well, we hoped the name would speak for itself.

Just in case, here's a bit more...

SuperTuffMenus are not conventional laminated menus. Our menus were born to be washed in hot soapy water. You can even put them through the glass washer.

Yes, SuperTuffMenus are plastic. But this is not single-use plastic. It’s plastic that reduces printing needs. You can reuse these menus every day for at least a year.

We print on a special synthetic material, then wrap in a smooth, protective satin covering.

We do all the manufacturing.

SuperTuffMenus are more than waterproof: they're weatherproof, wipeable and washable.

Unlike laminated menus, SuperTuffMenus are guaranteed not to absorb liquid, become frayed or come apart in a way most others do.

So they last ten times longer.

Clever, eh? We think so.

Get a sample here and see for yourself.