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Templates and Artwork Guides for SuperTuffMenus

Here are our standard templates and guides.

Download the appropriate template and send it to your designer. 

When sending back your artwork please give us a copy without the cutting guide on it. We will check that your artwork is correct before we print it.

Templates for:

  • large table talker
  • small table talker
  • round coaster
  • square coaster
  • Strut Card
  • Large round placemat
  • small round place mat
  • every product we do ...

inside each template there should be artwork guidelines and menu hints and tips?

  • we print in CMYK - please convert all spot colours
  • SuperTuffMenus® have a natural /off white background.
  • we need bleed - 3mm or ?" and we need crop marks
  • 1 file 2 pages