Bespoke Menus...Elena's Spanish Bar & Restaurant

Bespoke Menus...Elena's Spanish Bar & Restaurant

So if you know our menus you know that folding is not their thing. Other than a Table Talker we just don't do it.

So when Elena asked if we could help...we came up with this: Four A3's cut out in a fan shape and bound with swatch rings. Ta-dah...

 SuperTuffMenu Bespoke Elenas Ring bound Round Fan with Cutlery for scale

Outside of Elenas SuperTuffMenu Fan shaped open with binding rings and cutlery for scale

Fan shaped SuperTuffMenu with cutlery for scale


As you can imagine cutting a fan shape out of an A3 creates a bit of waste...until you come up with one of these!

Bottle Shaped SuperTuffMenu bound with swatch ring

 Bottle Shaped Elenas Drinks SuperTuffMenus

Two Bottle Shaped SuperTuffMenus

Looks bloody great and solves a problem! You should have seen the ones before.

The food is excellent too!

Visit next time you're in Glasgow pay them a visit here and tell them we sent you!

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