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3 Sided Table Talker - Standard

3 Sided Table Talker - Standard

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"Please upload your PDF art here if you are supplying your own artwork" (PDF with crops and bleed only please..we’ll send an email link after checkout if you forget)"

3 sides, the normal-sized one. Each side is about 9cm wide by 20cm high or 3.5' wide by 8' tall.

Sometimes known as a 3 panel or triple table tent. Freestanding or self-supporting, these stand up on their own.

Perfect for bar tops, countertops, coffee tables and so much more.   

Unlike conventional table talkers, these can be knocked over and dirtied without having to be thrown away...wipe them down and put them back. They will last for ages. 

Please be aware that our Table Talkers are printed DOUBLE SIDED...because they last you can use them for two different messages... neat eh?

11' by 17' / 17' by 11'  or 43cm x 28cm

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