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Coasters, Beer Mats - Round

Coasters, Beer Mats - Round

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"Please upload your PDF art here if you are supplying your own artwork" (PDF with crops and bleed only please..we’ll send an email link after checkout if you forget)"

Round coasters, drinks mats, drip mats...use them for beer mats, cocktail mats. These are NON ABSORBENT!

The great thing about these is that no matter how many drinks get spilt on them you can wash and use them again and again. Red wine? Coffee? no problem. 

An excellent tool for the promotion of specials. Use them for a while, clean them put them away until the next time.

3.5'  or 9cm diameter. These get cut in a machine that takes a bit of setting up hence we have a higher than usual minimum quantity.

Made from the same material as all our other items here. 

NB these DO NOT absorb liquids like conventional coasters. If you need that these are not for you!  

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